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About Us

What is Brand You?

How would you feel if you were able to prescribe products having YOUR UNIQUE BRAND NAME?

You will feel amazing, right? The feeling of ownership on the label is fabulous!

This is where we enter the picture to assist you: We BrandYou!

BrandYou is our distinguished Private Brand-Label Project for YOU!

We offer a wide range of SKIN CARE PRODUCTS which are a quality outcome of exhaustive research and expert guidance. We craft products with unique formulae backed by finest technology, and reviewed by renowned Dermatologists. You prescribe these superior products in a brand name of your choice structured by us.

What Does BrandYou Provide?

As a clinical practitioner, you prescribe products to your patients every day – but all are of different brands that are offered in the market.

Now, how about prescribing them a product which has your brand label on it?

Not some pharma company, but your Own Label with your own symbol, mark, logo, name, word, sentence or a combination of these items!

BrandYou provides you a private label with the name of your choice on the products you prescribe.

As a Dermatologist, Aesthetician, Skin Care Professional, or a Health Care Practitioner, you specify everything about the top quality product we manufacture –and pay to have it branded and delivered to your doorstep.

Our Mission

To assist our clients in building their own brand name – leaving a lifetime legacy behind them!

Our Vision

To empower you with your own brand name on our best quality dermatology products with excellent packaging and a classy look – giving you a world-class customer experience!

Why Should You Create Your Own Private Label Product?

What if you can create an exclusive identity through a private label product made only for you?

What if you can reach out to the world with a product that reflects your overall brand identity?

What if you can create a strong brand image of your clinic through the products you recommend?

What if you can remind your patients every day about your brand through your product they use?

What if your patients have to come to you only to get the products you prescribe?

What if you are 100% sure of which quality products your patients are using?

What if you can have more control over pricing, marketing, sales and distribution?

What if you can add to your bottom line every time your brand product is sold anywhere? 

All the above mentioned ‘WHAT IF’ can change to REALITY – through BrandYou!