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Your products – Your Patients – Your Brand Name – Your Price – You are in total control of the product you prescribe!

Customized Product Labeling

Best quality Dermatology Products with excellent packaging and a classy look along with your design, your logo and your brand name on it. We empower you with your brand name on the product you prescribe to your patients.

Creating your name as a Brand

The target segment for these products consists of Patients who are already loyal to you and know that they will get the best quality with products of your brand. Your name is a synonym of quality for your patients and hence when they buy products with your Brand Name, they recognize and connect it with your name instantaneously and trust the product unquestionably.

Trust Building by Quality Assurance

Brand You provides the best quality products that ensure the safety of your patients. Giving them these superior quality products, branded in your name, will gain you trust.

Virtual Monopoly

This is a unique advantage for you. Your own branded products will be available only at your store. Your patients can’t get your Brand Name Products anywhere in the market, thus giving you a monopoly as a supplier.

Customer Loyalty

Building a loyal customer base is the key factor for any long-term success strategy. The Patients are already aware of your service. They associate your brand and your service level with same trust in quality. With the product of your own brand, they know exactly what level of quality to expect. The purchase decisions are made quickly based on trust associated with your name.

Competitive Advantage

Brand You allows you to keep your price on your labeled brand. So it gives you more control over pricing, marketing, selling and distribution. And it is harder for the competitors to match with your pricing strategy.

Brand You – Bringing you Immense Benefits of Private Label Branding with the Most Innovative Formulae at the Forefront of Skin Care’s Emerging Trends

Brand You – Committed to give you the Best Technologically Advanced Solutions for your Patients that will Strengthen Your Brand Image

Brand You – Developing Superior Products with Utmost care and Transparency, giving you an Unforgettable Customer Experience