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  1. 1
    Why Private Labeling?

    It has many obvious benefits such as

    1. Strong Brand building
    2. Trust & Customer Loyalty
    3. Competitive Advantage
  2. 2
    Which services do you provide under BRAND YOU?

    BRAND YOU provides core service of private labeling and apart from it, we also provide designing of brochure for your selected products, presentation, banner designing and other value added services.

  3. 3
    How do I place my order?

    To place an order, you can go to the inquiry page and fill up the required details asked in form and we will contact you for the same.

  4. 4
    Do you accept emergency/contingent orders? Is there any extra cost for it?

    It is advisable that you plan well in advance for your order; so that you always have enough stock at your end. But, situations may arise where you need to place rush orders. We’ll try our best to accommodate as per your urgent requirement.

  5. 5
    Do you help your clients to get product approval from FDA?

    Yes, on selecting your product portfolio; and after placing your order; we’ll get approval for the same from FDA on your behalf. Hence, you will be always free from the hustle of documentation & procedures.

  6. 6
    Do you supply only labels?

    Unfortunately we do not provide only designed labels. Client must choose certain product from available range. And we’ll provide labeling for the selected products only.

  7. 7
    Once ordered, how much time will it take to receive our order?

    Generally at first bases, it may take 50-55 days as approval from FDA would also be required. But, after that it will only take 25-30 days.

  8. 8
    Do you provide your services in other countries?

    Currently, we are focused on Indian derma fraternity. But, we are planning well to expand our wings to cater international market.