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What is Brand You ?

How would you feel, if you prescribe your patients with your own labeled remedies?

Of course Great!!! The feeling of ownership in prescription would be fabulous.

That is why we came into existence.

BRAND YOU is a professional private label skin care project. Exhausted research in the field & formulae checked for utmost quality and backed by feedback of dermatologists; we came up with technology based formulae to uplift skin health & wellness.


Create your own brand image with BrandYou & get immense benefits.

Customized Product Labeling

Skin care products, labeled with your own name, logo and your contact details gives you a unique identity that you can spread among your patients.

Trust Building by Quality Assurance

Brand You provides quality assured products that ensures safety for patients. And it will help you to gain patients’ trust by giving them products suitable to them with your own name printed.

Customer Loyalty

Building a loyal customer base is key to long-term business success. Private label branding is one way to build customer loyalty from people who like your products. And Brand You helps you to Increase customer loyalty with your own brand & strengthening loyal customer base.

Enhance Your Image Brand

With Brand You, you can create your unique image which beget your strong brand that everyone recognize.

Beat The competition

It is YOUR “brand” name that is identified with the product. That is to say, your patients can’t go to the competitors and find the specific private brand product name that you have.

Competitive Advantage

Brand You allows you to keep your price on your labeled brand. So it gives you more control over pricing, marketing, selling and distribution. And it is harder for the competitors to match with your pricing strategy.

Getting Started


Brand You offers services to provide platform to build your brand name and identity. Here we provide you all the essentials to take your brand name to market.


Product Selection


Product Label Design


Processing Your Product


Get Your Own Brand Product


Anti Ageing cream
Skin Lightening cream
All in one Post Procedure BB cream
Lip Moisturizing Balm

Best moisturizer for the lip to enhance the natural beauty of lip and formulated to keep lips hydrated for a longer period of time.

Face Wash for Oily & Acne Prone Skin

Gentle formula with AHA & BHA soothes & cleanses skin, and leaves it smooth & soft.

Hair Growth Lotion

A hair growth treatment that covers large aspects of hair fall, hair loss; promoting hair regrowth.

Acne Control Gel

A specially prepared formula to get rid of acne and oily skin.

Chemical Sunscreen

Sunscreen gel with SPF 50 UVB with more stable and powerful formula.

Build Your Own Brand Image

Fulfill your dream of having your own brand with BrandYou. From Vision to Execution; let us do it for you!