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June 13, 2017

How Can You Differentiate Your Practice with Your Own Brand Products?

In this competitive market of Dermatology and Cosmetology, to sustain patients for the long term is not an easy task. As per human psychology, people cannot be loyal to the one doctor for a longer period of time. And as you know about the treatments for skin diseases are taking a long time to cure. Patients tend to change their doctor so you have to apply new strategies and marketing promotional idea to get customer recognition that would last longer.

So, here are some cutting edge competitive strategies to guide you that How you can differentiate your practice from others with BUILDING YOUR BRAND IMAGE with YOUR OWN BRAND PRODUCTS.

With your own brand, you can Customize LEBEL, COLOR & DESIGN. 

Private Label

Own brand products provide customization in labels designing, a color theme with your brand name logo in the way you wanted; which ultimately gives you the wide scope to promote your name specifically. With your own brand products, you can design the label according to your clinic theme. So patients get recognize your own brand name or clinic name when they use the products.

Exclusive Availability of Products

Main Core benefit of your own brand products is those products are exclusively available at your clinic only or from you only. When patients get used to with those products; they will only approach to your clinic just because of those exclusive products. Ultimately it will enhance customer loyalty.

Quality Assurance


Patients obviously trust doctors till they get the results. But, if once medications fail, they blame the doctors and that will affect your practice. So, in own brand products, you can make sure that your patients get an undeniable quality of products that never fail to cure them.

Zero Scarcity

If you are prescribing other brand’s product then you have to be dependent on them. If they will face product scarcity problem then you have to find alternates to prescribe. But in the case of your own brand products, you will not face such issue as you can keep the stock according to your requirement. Hence, there will never be scarcity or non-availability of medications to prescribe your patients.

Unique Prescriptions

As you know well, all companies are promoting their products to all the doctors and many doctors prescribe those products in particular indications. So there will be many chances that your prescribed products and other doctors prescribed products would be same. Now if you have your own brand products, it will not happen and your prescription will be UNIQUE.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

One of the major factors that affect your patients is the price of the products. If they find similar kind of product or solution from other doctors less costly than yours, then certainly they switch to your competitor. But private label gives you pricing power on your products. After analyzing your competitor’s pricing policy, market demand, and your patient’s preferences, you can fix the price that beat the competition.

Now think a while and decide whether you should go for private labeling to differentiate your practice or you want to continue prescribing other’s product.

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