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Getting Started

Brand You – Build Your Own Brand

We offer a wide range of SKIN CARE PRODUCTS which are a quality outcome of exhaustive research and expert guidance. We craft products with unique formulae backed by finest technology, and reviewed by renowned Dermatologists. You prescribe these superior products in a brand name of your choice structured by us.

Your brand is seen as one of your most valuable assets. It represents YOU with a recognizable logo, slogan, or mark that the public associates with YOUR PRACTICE.

We at BrandYou know that this is the right time for you to introduce a private label. Let us join hands to help you build your legacy with BRANDYOU!

Getting Started


Product Selection

We at BrandYou offer you a wide range of high quality Skin Care Products. The first step for you in creating your own brand is to select products from our wide range of products. Confirm the products you want to put up in the market with your Brand Name on it  – and finalize your order.


Product Label Design

You are creating a completely new brand- YOUR BRAND! So the first step is obviously to select a BRAND NAME of your choice.

How do we assist you? You sit with our CREATIVE TEAM for a brief about what you want as your BRAND NAME. Next, our Team guides you in deciding the sizes, colors, and other differentiating elements of the product.

Also, our Team facilitates in choosing the packaging elements. Generally, it’s advisable to keep it simple: the main label for branding and an extra one for technical specifications.


Processing Your Product

Once all specifications are finalized, we send you a sample before going for the complete order. We place your printing order after your final approval regarding the label design.  Meanwhile, we start the manufacturing process for the products you have ordered. After your approval for the logo and design, we print the labels and put them on the products.


Get Your Own Brand Product

Lastly, all products are checked before delivery. Once everything is verified, your BRAND LABELLED PRODUCTS are delivered to your doorstep.